3 High Quality and Affordable Video Baby Monitors: Our Levana Baby Monitor Reviews


Observing your child’s activities overnight or during nap time is made easier by the use of a quality baby monitoring system. Keeping on top of the sounds or movements day and night with the use of a video and audio system cuts down on the number of trips you’ll be making to check on baby. Levana baby monitors come in a wide assortment of different models to choose from, each with their own unique features. These Levana baby monitor reviews are designed to help you select the one that will best suit your baby monitoring needs.

Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor
with 8 Hour Rechargeable Battery and Talk to Baby Intercom

Product features

The Jena model features over 8 hours of battery life for the video and audio monitor and secure digital wireless signal that transmits for up to 500 feet. Battery life may be extended to 10 hours when set to the PEEP power efficiency mode. The monitor screen goes into sleep mode when there is no sound or activity and activates when there is. The Jena model provides night vision video that may be set up from up to 15 feet away from the baby and a two way talk intercom for communication with your child from another location. Additional features include a nursery room temperature monitor, nightlight, lullaby songs and is expandable for up to a total of 4 separate cameras. The lithium ion battery is rechargeable. In addition, the wireless signal is private and secure to prevent others from hacking in and spying on your baby.

This package comes with a night vision camera, baby video monitor, 2 power adapters, rechargeable lithium ion battery, charging base for the monitor, live customer support (lifetime) and a one year product warranty.


The audio works well and allows for hearing any noises that the baby makes from whatever room you are in within the house. The Jena model provides a moderately adequate night vision display on the monitor when the camera is set at just the right angle and the lullaby option is excellent for soothing baby to sleep.


There are a few cons associated with the Jena model. It does not come with the option for panning and tilting of the angle for a better view of the baby at night. This can result in not being able to see details during the night and may mean having to get out of bed to check on the baby.

Overall rating

The overall rating of the Jena model is a 4.2 out of 5 possible stars. It is less expensive than some of the other units available and does provide night vision video and two way communications options with the baby.

Levana Astra Digital Baby Video Monitor
with Talk to Baby Intercom, White

Product features

This model offers an increase in monitoring capacity with a pan/tilt/zoom control of the camera option. This allows for changing the angles for a better and more detailed view of the baby. The camera view may be adjusted 300 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertical tilt. It also features a zoom option for enhanced details.

The screen measures 3.5 inches with a good quality image in both day and night vision modes. Invisible infrared LED night vision allows for image capturing for up to 12 feet away in total darkness. The digital signal used is both private and secure to protect your baby from the prying eyes of hackers.

The battery life may be extended to 48 hours when in PEEP power saving mode as the camera goes into sleep mode when there is no sound or activity. Astra also features a two way communication intercom system that allows you to comfort or converse with the child.

This unit also plays an assortment of 3 lullabies for soothing the baby to sleep and can be activated remotely through the parent unit. In addition, the Astra is expandable up to 4 total cameras for enhanced security for multiple children or as the child becomes more mobile.

The Astra comes with a pan/tilt/zoom night vision camera, 2 power adapters, rechargeable battery, baby video monitor, an instruction manual, one year warranty and lifetime live customer support.


The Astra is easy to setup and provides a decent quality of sound and video with lights that indicate sound. The expansion option is great for growing families and the lullaby control option is helpful for soothing restless babies. The tilt/pan/zoom option is excellent for getting more detailed images of the child.


The digital zoom could be improved upon and although the video display is adequate, it lacks the quality of most other electronic screens. Although the sound is good, it tends to amplify sounds too loud and needs to be turned to the lowest setting. It picks up background noises and amplifies them as well. The battery tends to need charging more often than stated.

Overall rating

This unit gets a 4.0 out of 5 possible stars in rating. Overall, this is an excellent baby monitoring system with practical and time saving features. The price is reasonable and it is a good value for the cost. Some improvements could be made in the video quality but it is adequate for its intended purposes.

Levana Ayden 3.5″ Digital Video Baby Monitor
with Night Vision Camera, Temperature Monitoring, Talk to Baby Two-way Intercom and Zoom

Product details

The Ayden Digital Video Baby Monitor comes equipped with parent friendly controls and 3 lullabies for soothing babies to sleep. The battery life provides power for up to 48 hours when set in PEEP power saving mode. The monitor goes into sleep mode when there is no sound or motion activity and is activated when there is.

The temperature sensor system allows parents to monitor the room temperature. The video monitor features a 3.5 inch screen, invisible night vision with LEDs and provides a clear picture of the child from up to 15 feet away even in the darkest settings. A two way intercom system allows for conversations from different rooms in the house and it comes equipped with a ClearVu digital signal.

The package includes a night vision camera, rechargeable battery, 2 power adapters, video baby monitor, 1 year warranty, quick start guide and lifetime live customer support.


This unit is given a 4.5 out of 5 possible stars rating. The screen is superior to many of the other baby monitoring units on the market of comparable price and provides clear sharp details. The battery life is above average, allowing for fewer times in between charges. Setup is easy and takes little time. No issues with connectivity for the wireless feature. The two way speaking is a definite plus.


There is a gray area in which the room is not dark enough for the IR light of the camera to switch on such as closed blinds or cloudy days. This makes it difficult to view the screen directly in the front. It has to be viewed at a downward angle or all that is seen is a dark screen. It is also not visible when wearing sunglasses that are polarized for outdoor use. The LED light that is located around the controls has no dimmer switch and it is extremely bright. It makes it difficult to sleep and becomes annoying, but would work well for hearing impaired parents. There is a 1-2 second delay in transmission of the images.

Overall rating

Overall, the Ayden model baby monitor is one of the better monitors and a good value for the cost. With the exception of a few features which could be improved upon, it does the job as described.


As shown in by these Levana baby monitor reviews, the Levana baby monitor product line provides a high quality and affordable means of ensuring the safety of your children. There is a variety of assorted models available, which provide different features that gives you several choices, depending upon your individual monitoring needs. They are all expandable to up to 4 cameras as your family grows. With the exceptions of a few improvements which could be made on design features for some units, each model brings practical and useful features to the table. Overall, the ratings for the Levana line of baby monitoring products is high.

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