A Baby Heartbeat Monitor: Not Just For The Doctor’s Office…

The purchase of a baby heartbeat monitor for your home is useful for not only parents, but also for grandparents who want to hear the sounds that the baby is making before the grand entrance of the new baby. There are several different brands and models available, each with unique features for monitoring the sounds and movements of the baby without the need for making a trip to scheduled prenatal appointments. The advances in technology have made it possible to now hear these wonderful sounds of your new baby without expensive medical appointments and can be done virtually anywhere.

There are also heartbeat monitors for newborn babies and infants. These units are useful in ensuring that the baby’s heartbeat stays within the normal range, or the sensors alert parents to potential dangers. There are baby heartbeat monitors designed for specific purposes for each of the stages of prenatal through infancy.
(Disclaimer: These monitors are not designed to take the place of a visit to your doctor or used to diagnose medical conditions!)

Function of a baby heartbeat monitor:

Baby heartbeat monitors are used to detect the heartbeat of the unborn baby and of children who have already been delivered. Prenatal monitors include sensors which attach to the belly of the expectant mother capture the sounds generated by the baby as he or she kicks, moves around or develops their first hiccups. It is also useful for monitoring kicks for women who have been instructed by their physicians to perform daily kick counts for the safety of the baby. They measure the heart rate of the bay as well and are useful when there is concern on the part of either health care providers or parents.

Different varieties of baby heartbeat monitors available:

Snuza Baby Monitor, Hero

The Snuza Baby Monitor, Hero model is a portable unit that can be worn virtually anywhere. The advanced technology allows for finely tuned precision in monitoring while on the go. This model is worn on the belly by clipping on to the waistband of the baby’s diaper. This baby heartbeat monitor is designed for monitoring the heartbeat of babies who have already been born and are living outside of the protection of the womb. There are no cords or wires and the construction is of hypo allergenic materials. In addition, there are no radio frequency signals involved. This unit comes with a replaceable battery and a one year product warranty.

Summer Infant Heart to Heart Prenatal Listening System

The Summer Infant system features a heartbeat sensor that includes an adjustable belly belt for the mother to wear, keeping the unit securely in place. The controls are easy to operate with an on and an off switch. Two sets of ear buds are included so parents and loved ones can hear the kicks, hiccups and heartbeat of the unborn baby.





Graco Prenatal Listener
(This baby heartbeat monitor is only available to our readers in the UK)

The Graco Prenatal Listener allows you to hear and record your baby’s heartbeat. The design of this unit is ergonomic and attaches to the curves of the mother’s belly for enhancement of the sounds that the baby makes. Ear bud headphones allow sharing the joy with others. An interactive application that comes with this product makes it easy to e-mail the sounds to others. The amplified sound feature captures hiccups, kicks, heartbeats and other sounds within the womb around the late second trimester of pregnancy stage. A prenatal experience guide is included with this unit to help explain all of the sounds that are heard so you can differentiate between them. The Graco Prenatal Listener requires one 9 volt battery for power, which is not included.


Baby / Child Clarity Digital Listening System Summer Infant Clear Sounds Digital Prenatal Heart Monitor Infant

The Clarity system features sound indicator lights that show the intensity of the movements and sounds that the baby is making and makes it easier to locate the baby’s heartbeat. The unit comes with a positioning strap that is adjustable to help hold the unit in place securely. It is recommended for use beginning with the 28th week of pregnancy. The included digital listening unit allows you to clearly hear the unborn baby’s hiccups, kicks and heartbeat.



Why you should purchase a heartbeat monitor for your baby:

Prior to birth, it is exciting to hear the first sounds that the baby makes within the womb. Prenatal heartbeat monitors are an excellent means of confirming the well being of the child, of allowing others to hear the sounds of the baby and for family members to begin to form a bond before birth. Baby heartbeat monitors can help parents to have peace of mind in knowing that their baby is being monitored for any signs of danger. This is particularly important for parents who have either lost a baby due to SIDS or other issues, or anyone who just has concerns as a parent.


There is a variety of baby heartbeat monitors available to monitor the heartbeat of your child from within the womb, to their cribs after delivery. The use of this advanced technology can not only bring joy to parents and loved ones, it can also help to alert parents if there is a potentially serious health problem threatening the well being of their child.



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