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Hi and welcome to BabyMonitorReviews.net! My name is Chris and I am a husband and father of five daughters. As of this writing my girls range in age from 20 years old down to 3 years old. In that time we have had multiple different baby monitors and seen the amazing improvements in the technology. When my wife and I were a young married couple with our first daughter on the way, we bought our first baby monitor at a yard sale. It worked for a while, sort of, until we decided to buy a new cordless phone. It was a 900MGz and any time we tried to make a call you could hear the static. That was my first encounter with interference. Over the years we have learned by trial and error what monitors work and which ones don’t!

We created BabyMonitorReviews.net in order to help other new moms and dads and soon-to-be parents make this very important buying decision based on thoughtful and thorough reviews and without breaking the family budget. Our goal is to provide you with the information that you can use to make an informed buying decision that will fit your family’s specific needs without having to buy and return multiple baby monitors before you find the right one for you. We have strived to provide you with the most complete source of information because with some many baby monitors on the market today, it can be very overwhelming to pick the one that is cost effective that fits in your family’s budget as well as includes the options that fit your family environment and lifestyle. Hopefully we have accomplished that for you and in return you can click on the links to the product, where you will be directed to Amazon.com, and can be comforted with your purchase from a highly respected online retailer.

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