Here at Baby Monitor Reviews HQ, we know that your most prized possession is usually sleeping in the room next to you or down the hallway. If you are like us, with our first daughter, we would get up multiple times through the night at the slightest sound or what we thought was a sound, rush down the hallway only to find that our beautiful baby was sound asleep in her crib… thankfully! It didn’t take long for us to realize that if we were going to get a decent night sleep we would have to do something different. We needed a baby monitor, but which one.

Baby Monitor Reviews HQWhen we bought our first baby monitor, they came in a one size fits all style. It was an audio baby monitor that could pick up about half the neighborhood phone conversations really well but unfortunately did not pick the sound of our child nearly as well. It did provide a good static sound though! Fortunately the technology has improved greatly and with the improvement in technology comes the increase in options that we now have to navigate through as we research the best baby monitor to buy.

Our goal at Baby Monitor Reviews HQ is to help you with that formidable decision. There are so many things to consider when you are looking to purchase a new monitor and not every monitor is the right choice for every family. We want to provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision, such as: “Should I buy a video baby monitor or an audio baby monitor?”, “do I need a Wi-Fi baby monitor”, or “what are the best baby monitors for 2014” (or any other year that you are reading this).

Baby monitors today come with so many options, some of which are nice but are not necessary, especially if you can’t hear your child. Some of the key things that you will want to consider in your buying decision are:

  • Ease of Use
  • Image and Sound Quality
  • Frequency and Security
  • Your Home and Lifestyle
  • Analog, Digital or WiFi
  • Signal Range
  • What is the Battery Life
  • Batteries or Electrical Cord
  • to View or Not to View? (Audio or Video)
  • Movement Alarm
  • and of course Price!

Why a Baby Monitor?:

A baby monitor allows you the peace of mind to move around your home while you are doing your chores, it will let you weed the garden (if it’s close enough to the house) while your little one takes a nap, if you work at home it will give that necessary quiet time to be able to finish that project before the deadline, or if after a busy day of chasing your precious child around you need a nap yourself it will allow you the security to fall asleep yourself knowing that you will awake when they are ready for another round. It will give you a better night’s sleep for this reason also!

Baby Monitor Key Features to Consider:

With hundreds of monitor on the market today the only way that you can tell a good one from a bad one is research. You will want to find the one with the most features that is still within your family’s budget. Some of the features may be important to you but due to your individual circumstances, not to someone else. Some of these factors are the size of your house, or do you have more than one child you want to monitor, or maybe you need a monitor with a visual output such as lights so that you will know that your child is awake while you are on the phone.

Here are 11 available features that you may also want to consider:

  • Security
  • Night Vision
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Motion and Sound Sensors
  • Sound and Light Display
  • Pan/Scan/Zoom for Video Baby Monitor
  • Talk-Back Feature
  • Soothing Sounds and/or Music
  • Out-of-Range Indicator
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Expandability (Multiple cameras and/or receivers)

Check out our Baby Monitor Comparison Table here!


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