Summer Infant’s Baby Sight Color Video Monitor Set Review

When I had my first baby there was not that much available in monitoring systems. The monitors were basically a “walkie-talkie” device that would pick up interference from anywhere outside of my baby’s room. To check on the baby, I often had to fiddle with the receiver and would often end up in the baby’s room anyway because I couldn’t be completely sure of the sounds coming from the monitor. When video monitoring arrived, it made it much easier not to have to risk disturbing the baby to check on her. As I’ve had a couple more children, monitoring systems have advanced greatly. However, with some devices such as Wi-Fi related ones, I worried about my home security if a stranger could access it.

With Summer Infant’s Baby Sight Color Video Monitor Set with Night Vision, I can rest at ease so my youngest child can rest at ease. This monitor system has so many great features and yet is moderately priced. It is the perfect device to keep an eye on my baby while attending to the rest of the household. My favorite features of this system are the superior digital technology and the convenience of the portability.

Digital Technology:

I no longer have to worry about a stranger accessing my monitoring system. The monitor is completely private and safe. The technology is top of the line. The 2.0 inch monitor has both audio and video surveillance features. The LCD screen shows a clear, color live picture from the camera(s) so I can be sure if my baby is sleeping peacefully, stirring just a bit and going back to sleep or definitely awake and ready to eat and play. I also love the digital zoom feature on the handheld monitor. It allows me to zoom in the camera for a close up picture. Because I have more than one child, the 2 camera system is great. I can monitor 2 rooms at once from the same monitor which automatically switches between the 2 cameras every 8 seconds. The night vision is great because it turns the picture into black and white so it doesn’t disrupt my sleep unless it needs to.


I love the fact that this device is completely portable. I have had other monitors that I’ve had to stop what I am doing every so often to go check the monitor. Not with the Summer Infant Monitor System. I can take it wherever I go in the house or even in the yard. It even comes with a convenient belt clip and a built in kick stand so I can set it down wherever I happen to be in the home. I love the fact that I can get things done while my baby sleeps. Whether I am attending to the laundry, making dinner, cleaning, reading a book or enjoying time with my older children, I can just keep the monitor next to me. I can get things done and still enjoy some time to myself or with my kids while my baby naps.


  • 2.0 inch color LCD handheld video monitor with rechargeable battery, belt clip and kick stand
  • 2 digital zoom-in cameras that will monitor 2 rooms at once with an automatic 8 second rotation between the rooms
  • Wall mounting hardware for easy assembly and positioning of the cameras with a view up to 600 feet
  • Automatic black and white night vision
  • Continuous night monitoring
  • Digital zoom-in view can be used from the handheld monitor
  • Sound activated LED lights
  • 1 touch video on and off button for power saving
  • Adjustable volume and video contrast controls on the handheld monitor
  • Low battery and out of range light indicators

I have looked at more expensive monitoring systems. Many have more features than the Summer Baby Sight Color Video Monitor Set but they don’t seem to be worth the extra money. Some have more menu selections that are conveniently viewed on the monitor display. I don’t think they are necessary. I don’t really want to have to scroll through a screen menu for everything I want my monitor to do. The Summer Infant monitor does everything I need it to do.

I’m very happy with my purchase of Summer Infant’s Baby Sight Monitor Set. It does everything I need it to do. It helps me keep an eye on 2 rooms both with both audio and video features. The audio does not have a constant humming noise that other systems have. The video shows a clear color picture and has the great zoom-in feature for close up monitoring. I love the convenient portability of the monitor. I can carry it around with me as I take care of my household needs. I’m happy I found such a great monitor and at such a great price.

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(Guest review by Jacquie L.)

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