Three of the Best Baby Monitors Available: Protect Your Child!

When you have a child, their safety is the first thing that you consider. Obviously, you want to guarantee that you’ll always know how they’re doing- that they’re breathing right, that they’re moving- even want to watch them to make sure that they’re not having any difficulties doing some of the things that adults kind of take for granted. When it comes down to it, it’s important to have the best baby monitors for your baby for a wide variety of reasons:

Peace of Mind:

A new parent gets a lot of peace of mind from a quality baby monitor, no matter what kind it might be. A lot of the worry that goes along with having a new baby is because there’s a lot to take in- and health problems can take a baby very quickly without the proper monitoring. All it takes is negligence when laying your baby down, and its’ breathing could be suspect and fail. Or, your baby could get caught up, stop moving, or worse, and you’d never even know any better without a quality monitor helping you control the situation. What’s even better, modern baby devices are smaller than ever, so you don’t have to feel like you’re hooking your baby up to a whole bunch of wires. You can keep an eye on your baby with visual baby monitors, hear all the action that’s going on with audio monitors, and even know when they’re moving or if they aren’t and how their heartbeat is doing- leaving parents covered on virtually every base imaginable.

Keep an Eye on Your Baby From Practically Anywhere:

New parents feel a LOT of fear for their little one. Sometimes, there’s so much fear that they don’t even want to leave the room, or come back time and time again to check their newborn’s breathing patterns. With a good set of monitors, parents can breathe a little easier knowing that there is something there to help them keep an eye out. As parents, the most important thing for them to do for their children is to create the most safe environment possible to ensure that their baby is safe, happy and comfortable. This means guaranteeing that nothing is bothering their child or that nothing is going to go wrong. While technology and making a choice about said technology can sometimes be difficult, it’s important to know that the technology is there to help your child if the need arises, and it sometimes does. There are little cues that these special devices can utilize that can teach parents if there is anything wrong with their precious little one, even if they have other things to focus on in their house- with their baby monitoring devices.

A Human Being is Relying on YOU for Their Survival:

One of the absolute most stressful parts of having a new child is knowing that someone is COMPLETELY reliant on you. This means that they can’t even talk for themselves, and often can’t express what’s wrong. If you haven’t got the specialized tools or knowledge to tell when something is possibly wrong, then it seems like the world is against you when you need it the most. It’s up to you to provide a positive, healthy living environment for your new child, and the last thing you want is to be under prepared if disaster strikes. While it might feel like you’re being overprotective, you’ll be glad when you pick up the subtle cues, and you see exactly what possibilities arise because you have the best baby monitor out there. It’s all about thriving, and while humans have survived without baby monitors, mortality rates are as low as they’ve ever been for a reason- and that reason is vigilance. While you can’t CONTROL everything about your baby’s growth and development, at least you’ll be able to keep a better eye on them when you’ve got other things on your plate and you can’t be around them at that moment.

You Need the Best to Minimize Failure:

It’s important to have a quality baby monitor to minimize failure. Imagine, if you had purchased a baby monitor, thought you were in control, and at the most inopportune moment in your comfort zone something went wrong? Imagine how destroyed you would feel, and how it would impact your growth and development. While it’s terrible imagining the possibilities, it’s still definitely something that needs to be considered and dealt with. If you’re not diligently picking the very best, then you’re doing yourself a serious disservice. It becomes more of an issue of picking the best than simply picking any old baby monitor.

That’s Where We Come In:
We’ll Help You Find the Best Baby Monitors Possible!


VTech DM221 Safe and Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor

Audio baby monitors have come a long way since their introduction in the 90’s. In fact, modern audio systems for baby monitors are complex, and transmit audio in both directions in the same fashion as a microphone receiver radio, and deliver crystal clear audio through a one channel system that only operates from one parent unit to the audio monitor that goes in the baby’s room. More than that, these systems have the most high quality DECT sound systems that have been developed to guarantee that you hear everything that your baby is doing, as well as allowing them to hear you with crystal clear quality, and no annoying white sounds that we all remember hearing as children. You can also completely monitor the noise level and mute your own system so that you can hear the variational difference is sound between the two rooms. Even better, you can comfort your child easily with the sound of your voice with the two-way system intercom that older models couldn’t touch. It’s relatively inexpensive as well, at less than $40. What’s really awesome about this particular system is that it’s completely rechargeable and lasts up to 18 hours of continual usage or compatible with only two AAA batteries.

Go ahead, clip it to your belt, purse, or waistband and carry your lightweight unit with you wherever you go- it’ll transmit as far away as 150 feet indoors or 1,000 feet outdoors- so your baby can hear you crystal clear no matter where you go. You don’t have to worry about not being notified about the battery power either- if you’re a long way from the charger, the unit will beep if the battery is low, or it’ll beep when you’re getting close to being out of range with your monitor- so the VTech is keeping you safe, and definitely has your baby’s safety in mind- which is why it’s our pick of audio baby monitoring system. It’s high tech enough to guarantee that you’ll always have the info you’re needing about noise in your baby’s room, with the high-tech LED light/vibration combination system in the handle that tells you when something is going on- and it also has a night light and attachable handle to affix to your baby’s crib. If you really want to, you can also get another parent unit to keep your unit fully charged up, no matter what. The features that really make this unit stand out are that it has talk back, and that it has several parent units and very high quality sound- because it’s easy to forget about background noise and white noise that can all but cover up the important sounds you need to hear- like your baby’s breathing, or noises like coughing, wheezing, or even spitting up that could be catastrophic, especially in the earliest stages of your baby’s life.

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Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision

When you’re looking to purchase a video system to monitor your infant, you’re going to be faced with a WIDE variety of choices. All of them will be purported by the company to be the very best, but how do you know for sure? Our choice, the Infant Optics DXR-5 has all the features that you really need when you’re looking into these devices without breaking the bank. With over 4,300 reviews, this is the only video baby monitor that’s in the top ten that’s under $100 with the features that you need to guarantee that you’re going to see anything and everything that you need to see with your child. With super sensitive optics, and an even more sensitive audio microphone system, you know that you’ll be able to hear everything. While the audio system isn’t as powerful as the VTech system, it does have 800 feet of open availability to hear for a wide distance, as well as Automatic Frequency Hoping System to jump between channels to guarantee that you can hear virtually everything within range, with “encrypted” data that not only promises that your data will the best possible, but also that it’s not going to be transmitted over your broadband service to just anyone. It’s even got a great voice activating power saving mode to save as much power as possible if it doesn’t sense noise or activity for over 3 minutes. Another excellent feature that this machine provides is the infrared night vision system that lets you view your baby in near darkness at distances up to 15 feet, and you can toggle the feature on and off. It’ll stream this infrared video at speeds up to 30 frames per second, to a 2.4″ full-color TFT screen and the capacity for four extra cameras, if you’ve got more than one little one to watch.

Extremely easy to set up, and just as easy to use, it’s easy to install with wall mounting screws or a vertical mounting stand to tilt your camera from practically any elevated system you could think of. This stable little camera is a great value for the money, because the next closest competitor is nearly twice the price for the same features. With clear viewing ability in daytime or near darkness, great quality audio and no interference, as well as power saving modes and private channels, you really can’t get anything better for your money.

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Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor

When it comes to heartbeat baby monitors, what you really want is ease of use, and a small device that you can easily clip to your baby that won’t be obtrusive or get in the way. Why? Because you don’t want to interfere with your baby’s sleep, and you really don’t want to have a lot of different apparatuses attached to your little one. At the same time, you do want to know that your baby is safe, and that they’re going to have the best quality of care no matter what the circumstance might be. This tiny little system packs quite a wallop at a modest price too- it includes vibration stimulation after 15 seconds of inactivity, and it actively beeps to alarm you if there is no response to the stimulation after 20 seconds, so you’ll know if something is wrong. Placed at your baby’s abdomen, this device is perfect for monitoring breathing patters and detecting ANY movement, even if the movements are weak. Additionally, this monitor is portable, easy to use, and is safe and comfortable. With similar devices you have to be concerned with possibly tying up your baby’s movements or even choking if there are any wires or cords present. This device is flexible and soft, and even detects stomach movement so you never have to worry about your baby’s safety. The piece of mind that this device will bring you is unmatched because it covers all of the little things that you stress about- breathing, movement, and heartbeat all in one device. It’s perfect for use in conjunction with audio or video devices because it’s small and clips to diapers and barely rests against your baby’s belly. Powered by a small battery, you’ll know if your system is powering down because it’ll tell you!

Many reviewers of this device claim that it’s a lifesaver- simply because it alerted them the moment that something went wrong in their time of crisis. For less than $100, you can’t beat the service that this device will provide you- especially when you can absolve your worries and get down to the business of resting and enjoying yourself after a stressful first few weeks with your littlest member of your family. While the Snuza is slightly higher in price than similar devices, we chose it because it’s the most reliable of them. It’s amazing because it’ll tell you exactly when your baby is having problems breathing, completely protect you from terrifying diseases like SIDS or nasal problems that can be debilitating, and completely alert you if something goes wrong. The peace of mind is definitely worth the price.

When You’re Choosing the Best Baby Monitors, Choose What Fits Best In Your Lifestyle

We’ve found that the best baby monitors are simply the ones that provide peace of mind in difficult situations. While you never know if something is going to go wrong, we’d prefer that nothing ever did. Baby monitors, while sometimes pricey, play a huge part in keeping your newborn safe. At such a tiny, weak and fragile state in their life, you have to be willing to do anything necessary to guarantee your child’s safety no matter what- and we feel like our three choices for your baby monitor needs will do just that. You’ll never have to worry about quality with these products either, because they’ve been tested by thousands and have been found to be the very best systems out there for the price. Take no chances, invest in a quality baby monitor today.

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